About AC Motors

Ac motors started importing American v8 engines over 15 years ago now, I noticed that there was a niche in the market for affordable engines for rebuild, after I had myself had difficulty optaining an engine for a car I was building at the time. It was this that led to us visiting America and started my passion for American engines and transmissions.

We specalise in chevy small block and big block motors also ford small and big block engine , althougth we do import other engine makes and types to order, I myself like and run a ford 351c in a hot rod and a 355 oldsmobile in my cobra. Most of our business is the kit car and hot rod market , and we have sold many engines to cobra builders and rod builders.

All our cut out engines come with all the bracketry ie( alternator and mounting bracket pulleys etc )etc that was on the engine in america , as I know myself how costly it is to by a alternator bracket and a crank pulley . These are guaranteed block and crank crack free and are sold as a good core unit for rebuilding.

Most of the engines which we import were made pre 1993 and do comply with the SVA requirements of non catalytic convertors.

We also supply fully rebuilt engines ready to run from 250bhp – 1000bhp, competitively priced.we have transmiison packages to suit all vehicle applications , 4 and 5 speed manuals and automatics.

Fuel injection is become a large part of our business and I can tailor make a system , to suit your application.

We also sell engine and fuel injection parts.